Why Recessed Mats Are Good for High-Traffic Areas

recessed mat for engen garage walk in shop

Recessed mats are a very practical and affordable tool for high traffic areas. They are a great safety feature because they dont move around and thereby avoiding slips and tripping. To be able to get these benefits you need reliable and quality mats from floormat

Recessed mats either go over a specially designed cut-out in the floor or over some kind of grille or grate for drainage. these mats are good at channeling water into the mat and therefore reducing the amount of water that goes over onto the floors.

You must always remember that any water that constantly goes over the floors , will eventually cause damage to the floors. It reduces the appearance of the floors, it means more work for maintenance people and the safety of people around the working area is greatly reduced. Therefore recessed mats are quite important to have for your business premises.

We mainly supply recessed mats made of Berber point carpet and heavy duty loop vinyl mat. We make sure that we choose the right material for a particular application to make sure that the recessed mat is able to meet the requirements of a high traffic area.

The berber point recesses mats is made from ribbed material that is good at scrapping dirt off your shoes effortlessly and can with stand high levels of traffic without crushing. The berber point carpet comes i over 25 different color shades for your selection and making it easier to match your marketing themes and interior decor.

Recessed mats can be a great choice, and you should definitely consider them if you in the process of building out your commercial space or redoing your flooring—so you can leave a recessed area for the mat, and perhaps some drainage for it below.

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