What a busy week : Some of the logo mats delivered this week

This is a custom welcome mat for a customer

Sethusha’s personalised welcome mat

We made this half circle custom welcome mat for their main home entrance.

It has a rubber backing to ensure that it does not move around and stays on one place.

We used belgotex carpets as they are strong and do not fade in color. For mat background the particular carpet we used is affinity as it is good in keeping a cleaner appearance

personalised coir mat for ekhaya

Coir personalised doormat

This is a standard doormat measuring 800mm by 600mm in size. The customer needed a mat that has a rustic appeal. Naturally coir mat was the choice that would achieve the customer’s goal.

logo mat for vitamed

Vitamed logo mat

This is a full color logo mat for Vitamed. I comes with a non-slip rubber backing for safety precautions. We chose berber point carpet for the mat background as these a are good for high traffic entrances. A charcoal color for the background was chosen because it is easy to blend with any decor themes for the premises.

saverite entrance logo mat

Saverite welcome logomat

The logo mats were of size 1500mm by 1000mm. The background color was charcoal from berber point carpets and the logo was simplified to steel grey. These mats are headed for busy entrance hence the choice of carpets and color used for the mats.

Honda bike racemats

We supplied this bike racemat to a bike enthusiast.

The mat is going to be used in his garage to protect the floors from oil leaks and other adverse effects.

material used for the background was charcoal from berberpoint carpets. Charcoal is a regular choice , for a variety of reasons that include the easy of decor blending and ability to hide dirt left on the carpet

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