About Us

We are a supplier of quality entrance matting , from branded mats to logo mats.

Floormat helps commercial property managers and business owners deliver top value to their clients and increase tenant satisfaction.


We know commercial flooring – and we know how important it is for your facility to make a good first impression.  Floormat supplies and installs custom high-performance entrance matting systems ,logo mats , branded mats and any type of floor mats.  We help owners, facility administrators, and property managers maintain a first-class appearance in their property portfolios.  We recognize that your facility’s condition is a direct reflection on you – and we’re here to make you look great!

Every one of our entrance mats are custom-made to order and we biased towards quality and personalised products to large order production . Most of our mats are inlaid logo mats as opposed to printed logo mats Not sure of the difference between inlaid and printed logo mats? Click here to find out!


Entrance matting is the first thing you touch when you walk through a commercial doorway – or at least it ought to be!  Effective, quality entrance matting has a huge impact on people’s first impressions of a building, yet it’s so often overlooked.  An entrance mat built around true performance and custom fit can make your building’s lobby look and feel so much better…and that’s where we come in.  We can help you banish those floppy, sloppy, ugly and ineffective rental mats for good!

Our company values focus on building long-term, lasting relationships with our clients.  We believe that our involvement doesn’t end when the last carpet seam is glued or the last mat is laid – we’re here to make you (and your building!) look good for the long haul.  We’re not “just a flooring contractor” – we want to be your entrance matting, commercial flooring, and specialty product solution partner.

We’re Floormat.  We want to make your building better.