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FloorMat, Your Ultimate Matting Solution

Floormat is a leading manufacturer of quality,non-slip entrance mats, log mats, personalised mats and spaghetti mats for almost 15years.

We supply logo mats to industrial and commercial customers as well as residential customers.

Floormat Matting supplies mats on made to order basis only. Our logo mats are made in such a way that they satisfy the specific requirements outlined by the customer.

Our Mat Products

Why you need a branded mat

  • Impressive logo inlays-The branded mats are placed right where your customers can see them.
  • Durable designs-With reinforced edges, solution-dyed nylon and tough, highly-gripping nitrile rubber, these mats will last for years to come – and keep their original appearance in the process.
  • Highly Absorbent-Due to the nature of these logo mats, they can absorb a lot of liquid and moisture, keeping your workplace safe and dry – no matter the weather.
  • Anti-Static Characteristics – Due to anti-static characteristics, these mats even capture airborne dust, ensuring your workplace is that bit cleaner.

Factors to consider when buying a mat

icon for entrance mat traffic


The amount of traffic has a major bearing in the efficiency and wear of the logo mat.

icon for entrance mat fiber weight

Fiber Weight

Fibre weight will have an effect on the longevity of the log mat you choose.

icon representing the environment outside the premises


The type of dirt carried in to the facility will depend upon the outside environment. Therefore the appropriate branded mat is one which minimises environmental impact

Fiber Structure

The resistance of traffic patterns and where, how and if the mat will flatten.

Mat Size

The size of the mat will determine the effectiveness of removing dirt from shoes.

Architectural Mats

Are often specified in new buildings and are a combination of materials.

Some of our clients

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