Where else can you place a logo mat besides the entrance?

Where else can you place a logo mat besides the proverbial shop entrance? A logo mat can serve a variety of purposes besides trapping dust at the floor entrance. Here are some of the other places to throw a logo mat.

  • Checkout Points- The checkout point is also another interesting area to place your mat . If your entire floor is made of slippery tiles, the moment they step on a carpet mat with a different texture from the tiles they are bound to check the floor and boom they will see your logo again
  • Logo mats are also nice looking when hanging on the wall , obvious they cant trap any dust from this position but will surely add some glamour or sophistication to you space. This particularly true when it comes to abstract mats.
  • Logo mats can be used as pointers to customers especially in a store with a variety of departments

  • Raising egos for those ‘very special people’. Thats true when you want to make people feel they are much more important than they really are , getting a welcoming mat for them when they get off the plane. Their eyes wont miss it and you are very likely to get a pay rise.
  • Any place where you invite crowds , bring your logo mats they are bound to see them

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