Which Colour is More Suitable for Entrance Door Mats

At Floor Mat we supply a wide range of industrial and commercial floor mats. From personalised door mats to off-the-shelf floor mats, we have it all. Through our clever manufacturing process, we can produce floor mats mats that are specifically designed to trap dirt and keep your entranceways looking clean and tidy. Along with this, we can also produce Entrance Door Mats in a wide range of colours and patterns, so our door mats can be great advertising and showstopper pieces to draw your customers in. Figuring out which type, and colour, of door mat is right for your business is an important decision that can assist in making the right first impression.

Thankfully here at Floormat, our team of experts are here to help you choose the colors for your mat wisely

How Do I Choose a Floor mat for the Front door?

Finding the right door mat can be challenging with so many options available. However, we’re here to simplify the process and make it as easy as possible.

For indoor entranceways, we offer a wide selection of logo mats in printed,inlayed or coir materials. Printed door mats are designed to protect your floors from high foot traffic and dirt while providing an opportunity to advertise your company’s colors or branding at a relatively low cost.

Alternatively, you might consider a berber point 920 carpeted rubber mat Made from 100%, this option relatively affordable whilst offering a reliable plenty of features . Berber point logo mats are ideal for offices , restaurants or any public amenity.

For outdoor door mats, we provide a range of rubber and brush logo mats designed to be both attractive and robust against the elements. Our rubber logo mats feature slip-resistant technology, ensuring the safety of your guests from the moment they step into your building. These mats can also be custom-made to be aesthetically pleasing.

Another excellent option for external door matting is our brush logo mats. These heavy-duty mats are perfect for trapping loose dirt and are popular with many of our clients due to their high functionality and affordability.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider even before choosing the color of your mat!

Which Colour is Best for the Door Mat?

As with all advertising efforts, the use of colors and patterns is crucial in attracting and engaging customers . This principle extends to your entrance door mat, which often serves as the first visual impression for clients . A brightly colored or uniquely designed door mat at your business entrance can effectively attract, engage, and delight potential customers. This strategy is particularly effective in retail and service sectors, where specific colors have been shown to influence consumer behavior, supported by consumer and color psychology (Wright, 1984).

We understand that choosing the right colored door mat for your business can be daunting. To assist you, the design team at Floormat offers a Pantone color matching service for a wide variety of floor mats. This service allows you to find the perfect color for your entrance mat by using color swatch samples, ensuring the best match for your business needs.

Which Colour Door Mat Should You Choose for a Main entrance

This ties back to our discussion on color psychology and its impact on consumer behavior. The image below illustrates how specific emotions can be evoked by different colors used in door mats. For instance, red is known to generate feelings of excitement and energy in advertising and symbols (Parikh, 2011). A prime example is “red carpet” events, where red signifies celebration and joy. Consequently, red door mats can be a strong choice for organizations aiming to evoke feelings of joy and pleasure, making it an excellent option for a front door mat. Another notable color in marketing is green, which signifies freshness and quality. For health stores or gyms, green door mats can effectively communicate the organization’s identity and values.

Explanation of Colors Used in Marketing

Through ongoing research and development, the engineers at Floormat have curated an extensive collection of colors that can be dyed into our door mats. From formal black mats for professional environments to uplifting and vibrant yellow mats for businesses like learning centers, our mats can be customized to meet any color and brand specifications. By incorporating your brand colors into your door mat, you can effectively showcase your brand identity and ethos. Establishing strong emotions through the first impression created by your business entrance can significantly increase the likelihood of customers becoming loyal to your brand (Verhoef, 2009).

Welcome Mats Designed to your Brand

Incorporating your brand colors into your door mats is just one way to make a statement. Many of our clients opt for bespoke door mats, which instantly show that you pay attention to even the smallest details. A well-designed welcome mat can act like a “shop window display” for your business. For example, choosing a colorful and patterned custom door mat can convey to your customers that your company is creative, fun, and exciting. This approach is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses with tighter advertising budgets, as a striking welcome mat can make a significant impact.

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