Do you know what is an inlaid logo mat

Are you looking for a logo mat that shows off your logo boldly and elegantly? If your answer is yes, you are probably looking for an inlaid logo mat. This type of mat is made using the inlay process where the logo is build up by taking different pieces of carpet and combining them together following the design agreed to by the customer. The result is is an elegant and long lasting mat whose colors do not fade during the lifetime of the mat.

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Why must I choose Inlaid Logo Mat

These mats are of more superior quality than other logo mats. As a result, they are durable and long-lasting. Moreover, they don’t involve printing, so there is no chance of the design fading out over time. The mats look more luxurious, high quality, and professional–a good investment for companies who would like to create a compelling first impression.

These mats are of higher quality than other mats hence they last longer and durable. Because they dont include printing of the carpet using inks , they will not fade over time. If you are looking to create a great first impression for your company these are the mats of choice as they are more luxuriant and the crisp edges of the inlaid parts are able to display the logo more boldly.

Though inlaid custom logo mats can be used anywhere, their aesthetics and price make them perfect for offices, showrooms, retail stores, upscale restaurants, and posh hotels.

The Inlay Process for the inlaid logo mat

Step 1: You send us the design of your choice. It can be a logo, your company name, your tagline, your company motto, or social media information.

Step 2: A design template is created based on the artwork you send us. This is placed on a base mat and with a precision cutting machine, we manually cut elements of the design such as shapes, alphabets etc. out of the base mat.

Step 3: Various elements are then cut out from different coloured mats of the same material based on the design.

Step 4: These cut elements are inlaid back into the base mat in the relevant places.

Step 5: This is the final step when all parts—elements as well as the base mat—are bonded together to a reinforced rubber backing. The mat is now ready to be dispatched!

Stage 1: A customer sends the design of choice or request a mockup for the mat after giving us guidelines on how the mat design should look like

Stage 2: A template is created based on the final artwork that the customer has approved.

Stage 3: Various elements are then cut out from different colored carpets based on the final artwork.

Stage 4:The cut elements are skillfully put back into the base mat in the relevant places.

Stage 5: At this stage all the pieces are bonded together with a nitrile rubber inserted at the bottom. At this stage the mat is ready to be delivered to the customer.

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