Grocery Store Floor mats-should they be branded mats?

branded mat for sherwood liquor store manufactured back in 2015

In a grocery store ,it is important that floor mats are placed at the right areas throughout the store. Floormats do serve a variety of roles depending on where they are placed. They can serve a welcoming role if they are placed in the entryway or they can serve a goodbye if they are placed at the exit point. Branded Mats are the ideal mats at entrance point or exit points as they will always reinforce your brand. Floor mats also serve as cushioning for employees against the hard tiles of your floor and also preventing slips in high-risk areas and keeping floors clean.

Entry Mats or branded mats for Grocery Stores

On opening a grocery store , a grocery store floor mat for entry doors is an essential requirement. The entry mat is the first thing customers see when they get into your grocery store therefore if the budget permits, it is always a good idea to place a branded mat or logo mat as an entry mat. The mat will help dirt, water and debris from being carried over into the grocery shop floor.

Till Point Anti-Fatigue Mat

Your workers are an important part of your establishment hence there wellness should be a priority for an grocery store owner. The anti-fatigue mats are more oriented towards employee wellness as they make sure that enough cushioning is provided for their feet especially at till points, food preparation areas or fruit or vegetable packing areas. It is always a good idea to place them in areas where employees have to stand for longer periods of time.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed with a built-in cushion to help protect your employees’ physical health during long periods of standing, which can put a lot of stress on their backs and joints. Our anti-fatigue mats are great standing mats for grocery store employees who will be spending most of the day behind a register. An anti-fatigue mat works to ease the physical pressure of long periods of standing, helping employees retain their energy and zeal throughout the day.

Retail Interior Mats

Interior mats should be placed anywhere there is a high chance of spilling or slipping taking place. Think about your grocery store and where items that could spill are located. An example could be a salad bar where there is a chance of dressing or food being spilled. Perhaps you have an area where coffee dispensers are located and you are worried about that toppling over. Maybe there’s a produce section where wet fruits and vegetables might get water on the floor. Don’t forget about the produce and egg aisles, where dropped products can create a mess and a potential hazard. Interior mats should be placed in these high-traffic areas to help reduce the risk of accidents related to the spills and make clean up easier.

Logo MatPlacement

You want to promote your store as much as possible and in any way possible. A logo mat is a great way to help push the branding of your store to a new level. Logo mats are best placed in high-traffic areas where customers will walk over it frequently. This is your opportunity to help customers look at your logo and store branding more than just when they pull up to the store and see the signage outside.

Custom logo mats work as great store opener mats for entry doors, where customers will see it when coming and going. They can also be placed on the customers’ side of the register to keep your store on their minds as they 

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