Promotional floor mats SA

A lot of times I do get questions on what’s a Promotional floor and what is the difference with a customized floor mat. It is a very difficult question to answer but, let me start by defining what I understand about these 2.

  1. A promotional mat can be described as piece of material that has a message printed on. This message can be about an event, product launch, brand image, product awareness, pricing awareness such as increases or even discounts, political campaigns, and Et cetera, Et cetera. The LIST of these is endless. You design these mats sometimes to take the shape of your theme but in most instances they come as mat floor runner and several messages to drive the notion home. These are mostly placed on corridors, entry zones, walls, or even displayed on top of boardroom tables. Its has become common to use these at sports stadia for players to walk on as they enter.
  2. Customized mats on the other hand may not just refer to the mat branding and goes further to size and a shape. Customized mats aren’t limited to standard door sizes, we will design them to fit any space with or without branding on them.

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