• Absorbs moisture
    • Removes oil,grease and dirt from shoes
    • Longevity: 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects
    • Non-slip rubber backing

These mats, are specifically made for professional cleaning. The most effective method is in a commercial size washing machine and drying in a tumble dryer.The mats are made with a pile that allows granular dirt to fall down into the pile so as not to be tracked further by the next person to walk over the mat.

This means that the mat will harbour dirt in the pile until it is removed. Turn the mat upside down and shake or beat gently in an area where the dirt is easily swept up. Once the bulk of the dirt is shaken out, vacuum thoroughly. If the mats start to look dowdy, they can be taken to a suitable cleaning service and washed using a light cleaning agent such as “SKIP”, in diluted form, according to the instructions for cleaning clothing.

Use a light nylon brush for more stubborn dirt marks. Do not use harsh, ammonia based or concentrated cleaning agents e.g. Handy Andy, Jik

After cleaning, rinse with clean water and hang the mat out to dry. Do not hang the mats on a line that will sag in the middle and ultimately cause distortion. Rather hang over a solid pole.

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