Corporate mats

custom entrance logo mat for nedgroup

High-quality corporate logo mats will visually enhance any entrance area. From reception greeting areas to the exterior outside your front door. Personalised doormats can help reinforce your brand’s identity, as well as allow you to connect with your clients and customers.

Personalised mats are not only there for style, but they will also protect your property from damage. This includes dirt and debris that people unknowingly trample into your property. Our logo mats are also durable and machine washable. This means they will provide benefits for years to come.

A logo mats main function is to create a great impression on any guests when they arrive. Personalised doormats will transform your entrance area. While also protecting your property’s floor.

Corporate Mats We Provide

At Floormat, we supply a wide variety of mats for commercial purposes. We have mats for any type of purpose and budget. Our corporate mats or logo mats come in different stylessuch as rubber-back mats and coir logo mats. As well as outdoor scraper mats and brush logo matting.

Floor space is usually underestimated as a source of advertising space. corporates need to engage more and tap into this usually unused resource and this is where our corporate mats fit in well. With a simple touch like a logo mat upon arrival, this can transform someone’s perception of your business. You can convey your professionalism and expertise to any guests. All you need is a clearly defined logo and image; our design and printing experts will take care of the rest.

When ordering from us here at Floormat , there is no minimum order quantity. We rather emphasize on quality and personalised approach more than quantity. One of the reasons we can provide premium quality logo prints is because of our expert team, as well as our equipment.

The printing equipment that we use for our printed mats offers us the ability to print the exact pentone colors for your logo making sure that we portray your logo or branding much more accurately.

At Floormat, we’re the champions in broadcasting a brand message through logo mats. Impress potential new clients and customers, as well as visitors with personalised entrance mats today.

To ensure our logo mats are high-quality, all options are:

  • Fully Washable
  • Hard-Wearing and Durable
  • Printed in Non-Fade Colours
  • Made from Nitrile RubberGripper Backed

How are our corporate mats made

Our design process involves a number of stages. The team at Floormat use digital printing onto nylon yarn. We do this using industry standard printing equipment. The first step involves our graphic designer transforming your logo to HD graphics.

The graphic designer will do this per your instructions for the layout of the logo mat. Before any more work is done you will have the opportunity to confirm you are happy with the design. Both on digital formats and A4 printed visual graphics. We will amend this design as many times as required until you’re happy with your personalised logo mat.

What are Corporate Mats Made From?

We manufacture all our personalised mats and custom logo mats using durable nitrile rubber backing. Here are some of the reasons we use this material:

  • The Mats Don’t Stain Floors
  • Resistant to Oil and Grease 
  • Resistant to Ozone Cracking 
  • Maximum Durability
  • Berber point carpets