Berberpoint Logo Mats South Africa

Why our logo mats trumps all the wannabes

The Berber point Logo  Mats we supply in South Africa and beyond is made from high quality and stain resistant berber point carpet. This style of carpet allows us to craft unique mats that combine stability and functionality with impeccable image presentation.

The berber point logo mat is made  from belgotex carpets that are stain proof and hard wearing in nature. The stability of this material allows us to craft your logo on to a carpet background in a professional way such that we are able to create premier logo mats all the time.

Examples of berber point carpets we use for logo mats


These heavy Duty Logo Mats are perfect way to   unapologetically bombard your logo to your prospective visitors. Take this opportunity to make sure that the brand does not wear off their medulla oblongata the moment they live your office restaurant or any type of premise.

The most effective logo mats are those whose colors do not fade away with time, hence our preference to belgotex berberpoint carpets. Another important feature of our logo mats is the inserted rubber backing which is not sliding and slope   rubber edging of our mats. The inserted rubber backing gives the logo mat some weight so that the mat  does not move around on the flor minimizing the possibility of triping visitors into your office or premises. 

Being durable and stain resistant means these logo mats are perfect for entrances, reception areas and commercial locations with a high volume of foot traffic. The strong nitrile rubber back ensures the mat stays in one place and protects the floor beneath. Guaranteed to last for 5 years or more and available with a selection of up to 25 colors, a heavy-duty logo mat will surely uplift your brand by the entrance point .

Logo Mat Design Considerations

Logo mat orientation

The choice between landscape and potrtait is normally driven by these factors.

  • The purpose of the mat . A mat for events that would require red carpet type of environment , the portrait orientation is the ideal orientation for a logo mat.
  • The size of the entrance can also determine mat orientation. if the entrance is small , a decision can be made to make the mat in portrait position so that there is enough space on the mat for people to wipe off the dust or dirt on their feet before they enter the premises.
  • A wider entrance will allow a portrait position for a logo mat because there is enough space to spread the logo horizontally.



Practicality as a logo mat design factor

The complexity of the logo plays a major role in the deign of the logo mat

  • If a logo mat is intended to be an outdoor mat , the complexity of the logo will determine the overall design of the mat . A complex logo will have to be simplified so that the logo can be implemented on a vinyl loop mat as an example.
  • if a logo mat is intended on busy entrance with heavy footing , the design of the logo mat will be such that materials like Berber point carpet be used for mat instead of softer materials. Such a decision will also mean that design factors such as gradients on the logo cannot be implemented since the only way to put the logo on Berber point carpet is to cut different pieces of mats and place them together and make a logo.
  • If a mat is for special events and hd images are required on the mat and it will not be regularly used on a daily basis means that a very complex logo can be placed on softer materials that can be jet printed.

Budget as a consideration on logo mat design

The budget always plays a major role on the overall design of a logo mat

  • If the budget is limited and the logo is complex , the logo can be simplified so that price for the logo mat is within the budget available.

Berberpoint Logo Mat Specifications

ConstructionStructured Needlepunch
Product DescriptionHeavy Commercial, PP, Needlepunch
Fibre TypeStainproof Miracle Fibre (Polypropylene) & Stainproof Eco Fibre Blend
Fibre Mass920g/m2
Recycled ContentFace Fibre (certain colours)
Use ClassificationHeavy Commercial
Total Thickness8.5mm (±0.5mm)
Total Mass±1317g/m2
Colour fastness to:light7 (ISO 105-B02)

For more information about berber point carpet visit here

Perfect applications for our logo mats

Our branded mats /logo mats are ideal for receptions, entrances, hallways, foyers, and exits throughout commercial and industrial buildings such as:

  • offices
  • schools
  • restaurants
  • retail shops
  • hotels
  • colleges
  • government departments
  • NPOs

Lower price guarantee on our logo mats

We promise to beat any quote , that is when you compare you compare an orange against orange. Lemons they look almost like oranges with the exception that they are always bitter.

Expert advice on choosing the right logo mat

We have been in the business for a longer period, we promise to offer the best advice you can never get anywhere else when you deciding on purchasing a floor mat or logo mat for your business. For us , the saying “With age comes wisdom” rings true.

Guaranteed Quality of logo mats

We value quality above everything else that’s why we offer a guarantee of workshop on our logo mats because believe in our craft.

Quick Delivery Of Logo Mats

We deliver logo mats free of charge around Johannesburg and Eastrand Area. Delivery is available to the rest of South Africa at very nominal rates.