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Frequently Asked Questions

Warranties on our  products vary depending on the type of materials used to make the mats.  The warranties we offer on our logo mats range from 18 months to 36 months. To get an exact warranty for the mat please inquire by calling any of the the numbers listed on the website.

Just hosedown or use a hard broom. Only after 2 years should you apply a detergent , the recommended being Mr Muscle carpet cleaner. if not sure just contact us we will give you a free advice.

Deliveries are free for orders with a value exceeding R5000.00 and R25000.00 for local and national respectively.

The buying process is ,

  1. supply us with dimensions, application and artwork.
  2. The artwork needs to be in high resolution.
  3. We will quote you and if you confirm via email we will send you a proforma invoice and a mock up.
  4. A 70% deposit is required before work begins, once your order is complete, you’re required to settle the invoice.

All artwork is always frèe.

All mats are constructed as non slip for safety purposes.

A logo mat cost  between R1250m2 to R1800.00m2 for berber point mats, and all other products vary on artwork and application

Weight depends on dimensions, construction and product.

You can choose from 25 standard colours and more but upto 5 colors per logo mat

Our branded mats are made from a range of different carpets with a nitrile rubber backing for non slip reasons. We also supply rubber mats and spaghetti for water prone areas.

Our mats are made from carpets which do not fade and do not  because of the nature of their fiber. For these reasons , they do not fade in color because of heavy traffic or weather reasons.

All mats are weather resistant

No specific size because they are all custom made

We can make  brandded mat in any shape that you can ask for . We can make logo mats in the form of a circle, hectagon, trianle or any irregular shape your entrance might be.